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November 19, 2008 by msrich · 2 Comments · Parent Beat

The first ever S.T.E.P. Parent Conference – Its On! Its this coming Saturday, November 22, 2008. I’m not expecting a sell-out crowd, and that’s a shame! The aim of the conference is to orient parents of students who are dreaming big, to the realities of engaging in a “World Class Education”- the new education policy direction for the incoming Obama administration. What does the term mean? How will it change the attitude of school administrators and instructors? How will it change the focus of instruction? How will it benefit the businesses in our communities and will our children be equipped and ready to compete for the new jobs? As parents, what do we need to do to ensure our children are not being “left behind” -and what exactly does the term “left behind” mean in this context? These are a few of the conversations we must have in our Parent Association gatherings, and this is a conference to launch these conversations. But again, we are not quite there yet, so I’m not expecting a sell-out audience – I hope I will be pleasantly surprised.

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  • Miriam Lovett

    WOW! What a conference! I must say I had a wonderful time on Saturday. The conference was well run and very well organized. Each workshop was led by an experienced and highly qualified moderator, well equipped and prepared to teach us all they knew in their field. They came armed with loads of hand-outs and cool power-point presentations. Everyone was encouraged in each session to ask questions during the presentations, and many of us did. (Yes, I’ll try to be nicer to my neighborhood police officer! – you had to be there to know what THAT was about!) Needless to say, I was never bored. And did I mention the food!!!!!! There was PLENTY of food to go around – fresh fruit, bagels, croissants, assorted juices, fresh brewed coffee, etc was on the breakfast menu. And for lunch there was fried chicken, fish, various rice dishes, collard greens, assorted steamed veggies, jerk chicken, curried goat, salads – and that’s just to name a few dishes that were on MY plate ’cause there was just so much more that didn’t fit! We were also given gift bags with lots of goodies. I love the pen! Every time you click the top of the pen, it displays various positive messages! Very creative!!! Congratulations to all who attended. I’m sure you feel more informed as to how to help our students succeed in this crazy competitive world. But most of all, a big Thank You to everyone who volunteered their time and worked so hard to make this a success. BRAVO!

  • msrich


    I was indeed heartened by the result of this first Parent Conference. Parents “got it” and were very receptive. I must publicly – every chance I get- thank our parents who worked so hard to make this idea a reality: Maxine(the brightest star of all), Princess and their crew, Joan and her mother Gloria (grandmothers rock), Kathy, Debra, Jackie, all those who stayed to help clean up, and all the parents who showed up and those who not only showed up but pulled along another parent to get this important information.

    I truly believe that the achievement gap between minorities and non-minorities can be narrowed if the information gap (between parents who know how to effectively advocate in the academic life of their child and those who do not), is narrowed.

    This is just the beginning. There is so much more to be done. I’m glad you came. The conversation will continue.

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